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Why Eklipse is The Best
Reels Video Editor?

No Watermark

Eklipse leaves your Reels completely untouched, no watermarks whatsoever! All the content is yours!

It's Free

Create Reels from any video for FREE! Show your creativity, all customization and templates are free to use.

Dozens of Customization

Express yourself! Create Reels in Eklpse with templates, layouts, channel name sticker, auto-caption, copyright-free music, and more!

All Web-based

No more resource-hogging apps! Your device is free of burdens from editing to rendering the content!

How to Convert Highlight Clips to Reels?

1. Generate Clip with AI

Connect stream account (Twitch / YouTube / Facebook) and AI clip maker will do its magic while you stream.

2. Or, Choose Your Clip

Not a streamer? No worries, skip the first step! Upload your short horizontal video from local storage, or copy Twitch Clip link - the choice is yours.

3. Create Your Reels

Easily edit any highlight clip to Reels with a drag-and-drop video editor and templates. Add sticker, auto-caption, and copyright-free music!

4. Download and Share

Done editing? Download your highlight clip as .MP4 or directly share to Reels from Eklipse.

Easy-to-Use Reels Editor

Effortlessly edit any video with drag-and-drop editor. Create amazing Reels with dozens of layout, templates, and available customization.

Customize clips with our finest TikTok templates, copyright-free background music, and a trimming feature.

Customize clips with our finest TikTok templates, copyright-free background music, and a trimming feature.

Express to Reels with Ease!

Attract viewers, go viral overnight! We have multitude of ready-to-use templates that are available for FREE!

Copyright-Free Music

Add music to your content and share your content as Reels without worrying about copyright strikes!

copyright-free music from eklipse for your TikTok video

AI Gaming Highlights

Are you a game streamer, looking to expand your audience to Reels? Try our AI-Gaming Highlight tools!

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Eklipse is Everywhere

Eklipse is available now on mobile. Coming soon on desktop.


Step 1) Sign-in to your Eklipse account.

Step 2) On the dashboard, find “Video Library” then go into the “Streams” tab. Pick the stream session you want to make highlights from.

Step 3) After deciding on the clip, simply click the “Convert to TikTok” button underneath the video.

Step 4) Choose which “Template” that you’d like to use then highlight over it to select “Choose Template.”

Step 5) While editing the highlight within your chosen template, you are able to trim the video length, select the webcam (if applicable), select the gameplay, and move these layers to their desired location. Hit “Next” when ready.

Step 6) In the “Preview” page, you are able to resize & move your gameplay & webcam (if applicable), You can also “Add Music” which lets you preview many of our copyright-free songs to add to your highlight. When you’re ready, just title your clip and hit “Confirm.”

Step 7) When your video is finished processing, you will be able to find it in the “Edited Clip” > “Convert to TikTok/Reels” section. If it’s still “In Progress,” you will see the % of completion. Your finished videos will show under “Converted” where you can choose to download them or hit the “Share” button.

Step 8) Sharing allows you to upload the clip to one of your linked socials, such as TikTok, YouTube or Facebook. You can even write a title, description, post as a draft and have your own template ready for the next video post! If you want to share your clip without posting it anywhere, you can hit the “Copy Link” button to get a URL that is viewable by anyone with that link, even if they’re not an Eklipse user.

  • Multiple, unique, vertical format templates
  • Trimming the length of your clip
  • Layer selection and ability to move webcam/gameplay – Library of copyright-free/DMCA-free music
  • Integration with TikTok, Facebook and YouTube makes

Make your stream look professional with our latest BRB scene feature. Easily create it with the compilation of your best highlight clips!