Effortlessly Create Content From Your Xbox and PlayStation Streams - No PC Needed!

All You Need Is Your Console

What's Included

Content Creation Made Easy

What's Included

Just Like Your Favorite Streamer

Level Up Your Console Streaming Content

Eklipse is compatible with all Gaming Consoles

Let's turn those epic moments into awesome content, just like your favorite streamer does!

Playstation Compatible

Find your best gaming moments in minutes

- Convert Your Clips to TikTok

- Customize Your Clips

- And so much more!

Xbox Compatible

Playing on Xbox One X|S or Xbox Series X|S? No worries! Stream away and we can instantly create content!

Do It From Your Phone

Get Eklipse from the App Store or Google Play to easily grab, edit, and share clips while you're on the move!

Use Voice Command
Say "Clip It/Clip That"

While streaming, just say "Clip It", "Clip This", or "Clip That". Our AI can detect those commands when we process your stream

The New Auto Edit

Instantly Add Memes, SFX, and VFX to Your Gaming Clip

How to use Eklipse as a Console Gamer

If you haven’t already started streaming, click ‘Broadcast’ and go live on Twitch or YouTube from your console

Link your Twitch or YouTube account to Eklipse through your console browser, and ensure that your VODs are set to public!

After you end the stream, Eklipse will automatically clip your best gaming moments into social-ready clips, complete with auto-captions, stickers, and memes

Get Viral with Eklipse


Eklipse is an advanced AI tool that automatically generates highlights from your Kick Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streams and videos. It captures a wide range of content, from exciting gaming moments to hilarious in-game experiences, which can be easily transformed into TikTok / Reels / YouTube shorts. In essence, Eklipse utilizes AI technology to assist you in capturing more content for sharing on your favorite social media platforms, allowing you to focus on streaming.

Eklipse is the perfect all-in-one solution for streamers, creators, and those wanting to create viral content that will grow your channel faster. Use Eklipse to:

  • Clip your Twitch, YouTube and Facebook streams/VOD’s
  • Get automatic gaming highlights
  • Convert your Twitch clips to TikTok and more
  • Manually edit and trim your clips
  • Use custom templates and copyright-free music
  • Download Twitch and TikTok clips
  • Easily export and Share your clips to social media
  • Get weekly showcases and montages
  • Transform lengthy videos into short viral moments. With YouTube IRL Video Highlights
  • More features to come, including a mobile app

Try Our FREE Product NOW!

Short answer, NO! We pull your VODs directly from your livestreaming platform to process clips. No need for additional software and setup. Just link your streaming account and we’ll get to clipping

Simple. Once you’ve created your account, go to your “Profile” and visit “Account Settings”. From there you can connect all your Streaming and Social Media platforms directly to Eklipse”

  1. Sign up and create your Eklipse account to get started
  2. On your “Home” menu, click the “Start Converting” button on the right side of the interface
  3. You’ll be redirected to studio.eklipse.gg.
  4. Upload your Kick clip by clicking the “Upload Clip” button.
  5. Choose a template and edit your layer for facecam and gameplay.
  6. Add a final touch to your clip, hit “Confirm” when you’re done You can add a channel name sticker, auto-caption, or even a custom text to your Kick clips, all for FREE!

Eklipse allows users to easily share highlights on social media platforms like TikTok with just one click, and also provides the option to download high resolution clips for uploading to other sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.