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Powerful Tools
To Create Perfect Vertical Shorts

YouTube Videos We Support

Who needs special podcast editing software when you’ve got Eklipse? We find the best moments from your podcast to create short-form content


Are you a fan of the Jimmys? We are too. We can process Talk Shows and create bite-sized clips for you to use in your own content

People have gathered to hear your opinion/expertise. Let’s share it with the rest of the world by creating shorts that summarize your message

Whether reviewing the latest tech or the newest fashion trend, we take your reviews and can identify key moments to clip

Phew! You’ve done it! After long editing sessions, you’ve finally posted your 10 min YouTube video. But wait! Now you have to post shorts to grow your audience. We make it easy by processing your YouTube content into multiple bite-sized clips


Auto Caption

Caption your clips with ease with our AI captions. Make sure your message is loud and clear

Convert Long Video to Short Video With Templates

Select from numerous vertical video templates or save your custom ones – from circular facecam to split cam designs. Get your TikTok, Shorts, and Reels content ready within minutes.

Customize your Short Clips!

Promote your brand with channel name stickers. Choose from a variety of sticker templates, customize them with a wide selection of fonts, and utilize multi-channel options including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Kick.

Social Media Content Planner

Plan your content and strategize your growth on TikTok, YouTube Shorts & Reels, using the Content Planner. Schedule a week’s worth of content in a single day.

Why They Love Eklipse

Premium Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Join Premium to process your Videos. Plus get extra cool features

12 hr Streams

Eklipse supports up to 12 hour streams

High Quality Output

Render High Quality Videos
at 1080p

Kick Support

Gain Kick support and
Google Drive import

Faster Processing

3x Faster Processing


Upgraded Storage

Store Your Vods/Clips for up
to 90 days

...and so much more

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Eklipse Premium now!

Got More Questions

YouTube Video Highlights Eklipse’s latest feature that allows content creators to automatically create short vertical clips from long-form videos using advanced AI. These clips are perfect for sharing on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. 

While Eklipse was initially known for creating highlights from live gaming streams, this new feature can be used by all content creators.

Yes, YouTube Video Highlights is 100% free. Sign up to create a new account on Eklipse, and as a free user, you’ll receive 30 minutes of YouTube Video Highlights Credits every month, automatically renewed at no extra cost.

YouTube Video Highlights Credits are credits* specifically used for the YouTube Video Highlights feature. These video credits are separate from the credits and minutes used for clipping live gaming stream videos. 

*one credit is equivalent to one minute

  • If you’re a free user, you can customize your plan based on your needs. Starting at $19.99 per month, you get 300 minutes, available in multiples. If you prefer an annual plan, you can save 37% at $150 per year, you get 3600 minutes, also available in multiples.
  • If you are currently a Premium, you can also adjust your plan if you want more credit with the same customization, starting at $19.99 per month, you get 300 minutes, available in multiples. If you prefer an annual plan, you can save 37% at $150 per year, you get 3600 minutes, also available in multiples.

If your credits run out, you can top up by purchasing a new package or additional minutes to continue using Youtube Videos Highlights.

Monthly credits are valid for 60 days, so your credits will roll over to the next month and annual credits are valid for 13 months. You can check your remaining credits on your dashboard at any time.

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