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with AI-Generated
Basketball Highlights Video

Capture Your Basketball Highlights in Seconds

Get automated basketball highlights for all scoring plays!
Say hello to effortless highlight creation with Eklipse’s cutting-edge AI technology.
Four stylized basketball cards featuring layup, dunks, crossovers, and 3-pointers, showcasing Eklipse's AI basketball highlight capabilities.

Score like A Champions

Our AI captures every crossover, dunk, and three-pointer with pinpoint accuracy*. Showcase your team's basketball skills with unforgettable highlight clips that make every point count.

With Eklipse, your highlights are always a slam dunk.

*Still in beta version

Eklipse.gg leverages AI to create automatic basketball highlight videos. It captures key moments like crossovers, dunks, and three-pointers, allowing users to relive and share game-changing plays effortlessly.

Relive Game-Changing Moments Instantly

No setups required! Our AI captures every crossover, dunk, and three-pointer automatically.

Effortlessly relive the excitement of every basketball game. Just focus on the game, upload to Eklipse and let us identify the key moments for you!*

*Still in beta version

Eklipse's AI captures basketball highlights like passes, slam dunks, and buzzer-beaters with precise accuracy, showcasing key moments.

Swish-Worthy Precision

Capture the basketball highlights that truly matter. Our AI meticulously records every buzzer-beater and crucial block with pinpoint precision*.

Trust Eklipse to showcase your team's most clutch moments, game after game.

*Still in beta version

Get Automated Basketball Highlights

1. Create Account

Begin by signing up for your Eklipse account. It's quick and easy!

2. Import Your Video

Import your video to Eklipse by clicking 'Upload a Video' then hit 'Import Now'

3. Relive Your Key Moments

Once your video finishes importing, simply click 'Get Clip' to capture the best moments and enjoy your basketball highlights!

Score, Upload, Relive!
Never miss a moment with Eklipse

Alt-Text: Eklipse.gg feature showcasing AI capture of basketball plays like passes and slam dunks with precision.


Eklipse is a state-of-the-art AI tool that generates automatic highlights from your Twitch, YouTube and Facebook streams/VOD’s. 

It captures everything from gaming highlights to hilarious in-game moments which can be quickly converted into TikTok/Reels/YouTube shorts. 

Simply put, Eklipse leverages AI technology to help you capture more content to be shared on your favorite social media platforms while you focus on streaming!

Eklipse is the perfect all-in-one solution for streamers, creators, and those wanting to create viral content that will grow your channel faster. 

Use Eklipse to: 


– Clip your Twitch, YouTube and Facebook streams/VOD’s

– Get automatic gaming highlights

– Convert  your Twitch clips to TikTok and more 

–  Manually edit and trim your clips 

– Use custom templates and copyright-free music 

– Download Twitch and TikTok clips 

– Easily export and Share your clips to social media

– Get weekly showcases and montages

– More features to come, including a mobile app 

Try Our FREE Product NOW!

Step 1. Sign in with your email, Twitch, or Facebook account.


Step 2. Connect Eklipse with your preferred platform (Twitch, YouTube, and/or Facebook)


Step 3. Go to the Streams tab > All Streams > find your streams.


Step 4. Choose the clips and hit Convert to TikTok/Reels.


Step 5. Select any template > adjust the feed area and the clip length > hit Next.


Step 6. Navigate to Add Music > select music from the library > click Select Music.


Step 7. Adjust the music part, the length, and the volume > hit Confirm.


Step 8. Find your clip on the Edited Clips tab > Convert to TikTok/Reel.


Step 9. You are ready to download or share your clip to your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Step 1.  Log in to Eklipse or sign up.

Step 2. Connect your Eklipse account with your streaming platform.

Step 3.  Open the Streams tab and select an unclipped stream for Eklipse to process.

Step 4.  Choose your preferred highlights.

Step 5.  Our AI will automatically create highlight clip from your twitch stream

Step 6.  You are ready! Download or share your twitch auto clip to your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!