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Game Highlights
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AI-powered sports highlight maker for Twitch, YouTube & Facebook streams

Efficient Sports Highlights for Everyone

Tired of spending countless hours combing through game footage?

Say hello to effortless highlight creation with Eklipse’s cutting-edge AI technology*.

*Still in beta version

Time Saver

Provide a concise recap of the key moments, allowing you to catch up quickly without watching the entire match.

Relive Best Moments

Showcase the most exciting and significant moments, enabling fans and athletes to relive and celebrate sports achievements.

Athlete Portfolios

Create professional & impactful highlight reels that athletes can use to promote themselves for college recruitment or professional opportunities.

Select Your Sport

Eklipse analyzes audio and recognizes key plays from any sports video with precision!

Basketball Game

Automatic basketball highlights captured for every cross-over, dunk, three-pointer

Baseball Game

Automatically capture key moments, like homeruns from your baseball game!

American Football Game

Get automated football highlights for every touchdown, interceptions, and field goals

Eklipse.gg Sports AI automatically detects and highlights key sports moments like homeruns, dunks, and touchdowns

Unleash Your Sports Video Potential

Score, Upload, Relive! Never miss a moment with Eklipse

Get Automated
Sports Highlights

Begin by signing up for your Eklipse account. It’s quick and easy!

Import your video to Eklipse by clicking ‘Upload a Video’ then hit ‘Import Now’

Once your video finishes importing, simply click ‘Get Clip’ to capture the best moments and enjoy your basketball highlights!

Register to Eklipse, connect your social media, upload your sports video to Eklipse.gg for automatic highlight creation

Score, Upload, Relive!
Never miss a moment with Eklipse


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