Website FAQs - Rephrased

What is Eklipse?

Built for streamers, usable by anyone, Eklipse is a state of the art A.I tool. Eklipse can automatically capture the best moments from your streaming highlights. Capture your epic gaming moments, document hilarious in-game shenanigans and more!

What can I do with Eklipse?

With Eklipse you can share your highlight clips to social media, grow your streaming channels and more! Use our revolutionary new feature and transform your highlights to TikTok in a click!

How do I sign up with Eklipse?

Eklipse supports signing up with your Twitch or Facebook accounts. Additionally, you can sign up with your email address.

Where do I connect my stream from?

The easiest way to connect your stream is through your account home page. On your home page, you should see options to connect to either Facebook, Twitch or YouTube. Choose your platform and follow the instructions.

How do I make a game highlight using Eklipse?

Highlight clips are generated via our A.I software. You can enable either auto-processing or choose your streams manually.

How does Eklipse auto-processing work?

If you have selected auto-processing and connected a streaming account to Eklipse, our A.I tool automatically analyses streams from the past 14 days, and automatically extracts the best moments!

Do I need any special software to use Eklipse?

No special software is required to use Eklipse.

FAQs - First Time User

ISSUE # 1 (More than one account is linked or other link issue)

I'm having trouble with my account. I accidentally signed up with two accounts, or signed up with my personal Facebook account.

Send us the details of your query. Your redundant account will be deleted and you will then be asked to create a new Eklipse account

I'm trying to log in but I keep getting an error message to verify my email

You have most likely linked Eklipse with your streaming channel without entering a valid email. Eklipse requires you to add your email information in order to send you regular updates.

ISSUE # 2 (VODs are not appearing on my dashboard)

I keep getting a 404 Error, and my VOD streams are not being displayed.

Eklipse is retrieving your streams from the last 14 days. This may take a while, depending on your bandwidth and/or our server traffic.

My VODs are not appearing on my dashboard.

Please verify the following:

  1. Your VODs should not be private.
  2. Your VODs should be shorter than 5 hours. Our current server setup is constrained to processing footage from under 5 hours.
  3. Your streams should not be older than 14 days.

ISSUE # 3 (What's the premium feature and how do i use it?)

What is the Eklipse Premium Feature and how do I access it?

The Premium Feature is currently unavailable, and will be launching very soon!

ISSUE # 4 (Rendering time or video stuck at (--%))

My rendering is too slow/stuck in progress.

Unfortunately our automatic rendering process takes time due to the load on our servers. If you face rendering failure, reach out to our support.

ISSUE # 5 (My game in not supported by your tool)

My game isn't currently supported by Eklipse. What gives?

We're working to add games to our roster everyday. Stay tuned for further updates and you might see your favourite game be compatible with Eklipse very soon!

ISSUE # 6 (Can Eklipse create highlight from private or offline gaming)

Can Eklipse create highlights from my offline streams?

Currently no. However, we are integrating OBS into our tool so users can use Eklipse for offline streams!

FAQs - A.I Related Issues

ISSUE # 1 Duplicate videos are being displayed in my clips

Why are there duplicate videos in my highlights?

Verify whether the videos are duplicates or only the thumbnails are duplicates. Proceed to contact our team with screenshots for reference.

ISSUE # 2 I'm not satisfied with my streams

My highlights are generally not capturing moments of value.

Verify if the game you're streaming is compatible with Eklipse. If so, report a bug. If not, we’re working to add new titles to our compatibility list everyday and once we add your game, things should go smoothly.

ISSUE # 3 There aren't enough highlights created from my streams

I was hoping for more than 3-4 highlights from my multi-hour stream

We apologise for the inconvenience. Our tool focuses on creating longer form videos for YouTube. However, we will be adding a new feature that focuses on creating multiple short clips at a time very soon!

ISSUE # 4 Audio

My highlights have no audio

Contact us and send us a link to the highlight you're facing an issue with, along with the link to the original video stream.

ISSUE # 5 Highlights are not correct

My highlights were captured incorrectly and are showing a BRB screen.

To help our A.I detect your highlights better, avoid highlight streams with BRB screens.

Data and Privacy

What data does Eklipse get if I connect my social media accounts?

The sole purpose of connecting your Eklipse account with your social media is to enhance your experience with ease of sharing contents to social media platforms. We will not use your data or contents related to your social media for any other purposes. Our use of data is adhering to our Terms &Privacy as well as the Terms of each social media platform.

How can I delete my Eklipse account?

If you want to delete your Eklipse account, please kindly send us a request via email Please note that after our team have confirmed your request, we will delete your account along with all of your data immediately. Please also refer to the Termination section under our Terms of service for more information.

Please refer to our Terms & Privacy for further information or contact us via email