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Welcome to Eklipse!

General Use

What is Eklipse?

Eklipse is an user-friendly and time-saving tools that automatically captures high-quality, shareable video highlights of your epic gaming moments. We simplify the process of getting your best footage to the viewers, so you can focus on the more important things - playing and performing your best.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are compilations of clips extracted from your gameplays. Those clips are combined based on various event types, AI-picked, etc. based on the games.

How does Eklipse work?

Our AI optimizes Object Detection and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to analyze your streams and extract the most epic moments, from which you can create viral VODs to promote your channel. All are summarized in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your streaming account with Eklipse to have highlights automatically generated
  2. Go to Eklipse Studio to create fancy VODs
  3. Share your results to various social media platforms

How does Eklipse benefit me?

Eklipse is an automated content production tool that offers you great values

  1. Time-saving: Eklipse is a magical time saver so that you can spend more time streaming and less time editing
  2. Convenient: From importing, extracting, editing to sharing, Eklipse is an all-in-one platform which covers all the steps to turn your raw game streams into viral VODs; The results of Eklipse are not only fancy VODs that goes viral and draws audience towards your channel but also excellent experience for streamers to enjoy their paths.

What games does Eklipse support?

We are currently supporting the following games:

  1. Fortnite
  2. Call of duty: Modern Warfare
  3. League of Legends
  4. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  5. Free Fire
  6. PUBG
  7. PUBG Mobile
If you want to suggest other games, please send us a request via email/discord.

What streaming platforms does Eklipse support?

We are currently supporting TwitchTV, Facebook Gaming and Youtube Gaming. If you hope us to support other streaming platforms, please send us a request via email/discord.

Do I need to install any softwares to use Eklipse?

No special software is required to use Eklipse. All you need is a streaming account and internet connection! However, we highly recommend using PC (8GB RAM at least) to have the best experience with Eklipse.

Where should I start?

We suggest that after signing up an account with a valid account address, you should continue by connecting your streaming account to Eklipse and enabling auto-processing in your account settings. This will allow Eklipse to automatically download your streams and start generating highlights for you to edit together into VODs.

How can I import my streams?

After logging in, please go to your account home page. On your homepage, you should see options to connect to streaming platforms including Facebook, Twitch and Youtube. Select the platform you want to connect and follow the instructions. After connecting your streaming account with Eklipse, 10 most recent streams and future streams will be automatically imported into Eklipse system.

How can I get highlights?

After successfully importing streams into Eklipse system, you can pick which streams to generate highlights from and let our AI take care of the rest. The process would take a few hours and you will receive a notification via email/website once it is done.

Advance Use

What is Eklipse studio?

Eklipse Studio is a user-friendly video editting tool that allows you to turn AI-generated highlights into fancy VODs.

How does Eklipse studio work?

Get your viral VODs with only 3 simple steps with Eklipse Studio:

  1. Pick your favorite highlights to be featured in the VODs
  2. Edit the VODs as you wish with simple 'drag and drop'
  3. Share your results to social media platforms

What is Eklipse Premium?

Eklipse Premium is a special package which allows you to send request to our team to have your VODs tailored and professionally editted.

How does Eklipse Premium work?

Register Eklipse Premium package and take the following steps to get movie-like clip montage:

  1. Pick your favorite highlights to be featured in your VODs
  2. Describe how you want your VODs to be
  3. Send to the team and wait for the results

Data and Privacy

What data does Eklipse get if I connect my social media accounts?

The sole purpose of connecting your Eklipse account with your social media is to enhance your experience with ease of sharing contents to social media platforms. We will not use your data or contents related to your social media for any other purposes. Our use of data is adhering to our Terms &Privacy as well as the Terms of each social media platform.

How can I delete my Eklipse account?

If you want to delete your Eklipse account, please kindly send us a request via email Please note that after our team have confirmed your request, we will delete your account along with all of your data immediately. Please also refer to the Termination section under our Terms of service for more information.

Please refer to our Terms & Privacy for further information or contact us via email