Make Automatic Twitch Highlights

An AI Powered Editing Tool for Twitch Streamers

Create Highlight Clips During or From Twitch

All-in-one solution for every editing problem. Our AI supported editing software can generate game highlights in just a few clicks. Try Eklipse to generate viral content across platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Share Your AI Generated Video Clips Now!

Eklipse connects you to all major social media platforms and make sharing your highlights easy. It is an automatic video clipping software that makes quick highlights! Save your time and effort. Make, edit and easily share the best content by using this exciting feature.

A Twitch Stream Highlight Maker Like No Other

Sign up to link your Twitch account with Eklipse and let the magic happen. Simply select the stream you want to clip and allow the AI to do its job. Our AI requires much less time processing a stream. It will automatically make a montage of your clips. Make the final edits in your highlight clip and share your best moments with everyone!

How Eklipse works

Learn how Eklipse works

Connect to your account

Connect your stream with any of the popular social media and stream platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Youtube.

Select Your Best Stream

Once your account is connected, select your stream and allow the AI to work its magic. Eklipse supports a minimum stream time of 30 minutes.

Go Viral on Social Media

Once the clip is ready, share it to all social media platforms. Go viral on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Packed with Important
Features You Need!

Check our Eklipse feature packs to support your video game editing needs

basic Features

Starter Pack

  • Up to 10 AI Powered Highlights Videos Every Week
  • Share highlight clips on social media
  • High quality video (720p)
  • Helpdesk 24hours
Premium Features

Premium Pack

  • Avail all Benefits
  • Unlimited Highlight Videos
  • Easy share to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Others
  • High quality video (720+1080p)
  • Request Premium Edits by Eklipse video editors
  • Helpdesk 24hours


Frequently Asked Questions

Eklipse is a convenient time-saving tool that will let you spend your quality time streaming and less worrying about editing them. Our user-friendly UI will let you share the edited videos to your social platforms with just a click.
Eklipse is an artificial intelligence (AI) system designed to make your life easier as a streamer. The AI analyses your streams and automatically selects your highlights. Now you don't have to scroll through unending video editing tutorials! Eklipse will make you feel like a professional editor.

Gaming clips are generated by the AI software from your uploaded streams. Whether you have enabled auto-processing or have manually selected to generate clips, our intelligent AI will pick out the best moments and compile them in a short clip for you. This can all be done from the home page.

The studio allows you to edit your generated clips together into a compilation video ready to be shared on your social handles. Once in the studio, you can select the clips you want to be featured in your highlight and then add additional features, such as text, music, and memes.

We recommend starting by connecting your stream to Eklipse and enabling auto-processing in your account settings. This will enable Eklipse to automatically download your streams and start creating highlights for you to edit together into a sweet montage.
The easiest way to connect your stream is through your account home page. On your home page, you should see options to connect your stream from Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. Select the platform you want to connect to and follow the instructions.

No special software is required to use Eklipse. Just an account and an internet connection. Though we highly recommend a good computer (8GB Ram at least) to have a better experience with our Studio feature.