Welcome to Eklipse, an AI-driven content production platform that offers user-friendly and time-saving tools that automatically captures high-quality, shareable video highlights of your epic gaming moments.

We simplify the process of getting your best footage to the viewers, so you can focus on the more important things - playing and performing your best.


With Eklipse, it’s easy to find the perfect moments in your gaming session. No more going through hours of footage and editing, just sit back and let Eklipse find the best clips for you. Using AI-powered highlighting and editing tools, Eklipse helps you select the most interesting in-game events, right after you finish streaming.

Why We're Different?

The Eklipse team consists of many talented developers who are savvy and passionate about finding and sharing good game highlights. Their expertise and combined with AI technology sets Eklipse apart. Every in-game event, every kill, death, and funny moment is fine-tuned by our machine learning and analytics system, selecting only the best clips to post on your home page.