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Automatic Highlights

Eklipse automatically analyzes your video streams and finds the best moments. Simply connect your streaming account and get exciting highlights after every streaming session.

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Create great videos effortlessly with our free online video editor.
Edit, add effects, and export in a jiffy.

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Grow your audience and keep them engaged with our easy-to-use sharing tool. Save some of your precious time by scheduling posts across all your social handles with just a few clicks.

Stories from our streamers

They are busy using Eklipse to promote their skills and fun highlights across platforms

I believe that Eklipse will expand further not only for its partners but also around the globe. I really love what Eklipse has offered me and for my brand. A huge shot out to the Eklipse overall editing skills that goes above and beyond!


Eklipse is really easy-to-use, my Mobile Legends moments like Maniac and Savage will never be missed again!


Eklipse really saves my time to find Mobile Legends highlight. It's really user-friendly, one of a perfect platform for streamers.


It's a cool platform! All my epic Mobile Legends moments are perfectly captured. I don't need to spend my time to find my moments manually.


Without Eklipse, my time will be wasted for just making one highlight video. Eklipse really helps me, especially for looking my epic Mobile Legends moments!



Frequently Asked Questions

Eklipse is a convenient time-saving tool that will let you spend your quality time streaming and less worrying about editing them. Our user-friendly UI will let you share the edited videos to your social platforms with just a click.
Eklipse is an artificial intelligence (AI) system designed to make your life easier as a streamer. The AI analyses your streams and automatically selects your highlights. Now you don't have to scroll through unending video editing tutorials! Eklipse will make you feel like a professional editor.

Gaming clips are generated by the AI software from your uploaded streams. Whether you have enabled auto-processing or have manually selected to generate clips, our intelligent AI will pick out the best moments and compile them in a short clip for you. This can all be done from the home page.

The studio allows you to edit your generated clips together into a compilation video ready to be shared on your social handles. Once in the studio, you can select the clips you want to be featured in your highlight and then add additional features, such as text, music, and memes.

We recommend starting by connecting your stream to Eklipse and enabling auto-processing in your account settings. This will enable Eklipse to automatically download your streams and start creating highlights for you to edit together into a sweet montage.
The easiest way to connect your stream is through your account home page. On your home page, you should see options to connect your stream from Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. Select the platform you want to connect to and follow the instructions.

No special software is required to use Eklipse. Just an account and an internet connection. Though we highly recommend a good computer (8GB Ram at least) to have a better experience with our Studio feature.

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