Eklipse Weekly Showcase

Our AI will create a unique montage of your best moments on stream!

create gaming montage clip using our AI showcase generator and share it to social media. You can also use these montage video as outro or intro for your YouTube channel/Tiktok Video

The weekly showcase is a compilation of your best streaming highlights from the week. Eklipse will do the work for you by gathering your best moments, adding transitions, and creating a ready-to-share montage from your best clips! We recently added more user settings so you can also customize your showcases!

Clip Selection & Video Length Customization​

Let Eklipse do all the work, or “pin” your favorite highlights from the “Video Library” > “Stream” section if there are ones you definitely want in the showcase.

The weekly showcase length can be customized to your liking as well. Choose between getting a clip for TikTok that’s 60 seconds or below, or get a longer video for YouTube by going above 3 minutes. Find all these custom options in “Account Settings” > “Weekly Showcase.”​Pick the clip you like best, hit the “Convert to TikTok” button and follow the steps from there.​

Copyright-free Music​

Eklipse will automatically add music for you each week, but you can also select the song you want from our copyright-free song library, or choose no song at all. The choice is yours!​

Display Channel Name​

Make sure people know where your clip is from by branding your channel name! You can choose to add this feature if you’d like, which lets you position your channel name (from your linked socials) in any corner of the video.

Supported Games

The Weekly Showcase currently supports Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, and CS:GO. More games will be added soon!

How to Get a Weekly Showcase

1) Goto “Account Settings” > “Weekly Showcase” and make sure it is enabled. Customize your showcase settings here.
2) Stream for a whole week and let our AI highlight streams for you.
3) Pin specific clips from the “Video Library” > “Streams” section that you would like to have featured in your weekly showcase. 4) The Weekly Showcase will arrive each Tuesday on your Eklipse dashboard.

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Eklipse is Everywhere

Eklipse is available now on mobile. Coming soon on desktop.


You can select clip & music preferences in the settings, but manual trims and edits are not available at the moment.

Weekly Showcase is currently available for Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Valorant. If you’re playing one of these games and not receiving a showcase, please contact support.