Terms and Conditions Program Description

1. Program Description

The Eklipse Affiliate Program is a program through which any Participant may become an Eklipse Affiliate by helping to promote the Eklipse Platform. By participating in the Program (as defined below), Participants will need to have agreed to the terms and conditions as described. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Terms of Service and other Eklipse Policies, of which these Terms and Conditions are a part of. All terms and conditions described herein are subject to change at any time at Eklipse’s discretion.

2. Qualification

3. Affiliator Duties and Responsibilities

4. Promotion Materials

5. Commissions and Payments

6. Duration and termination of Contract

7. Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights related to Eklipse’s products or services, including but not limited to trademarks, patents and copyrights, remain the property of Eklipse and Participant shall have no rights thereto.

8. Force Majeure

Eklipse shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of the contract in the event of circumstances beyond its control such as natural disasters, government policies, war and other unforeseen events.
*Fees associated with this affiliate program are subject to change at PayPal’s discretion